Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New training club

Now that I am working away from home during the week, I have joined a karate club in Bracknell - The Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association. It's a great club. It is quite small but the teaching and training is very high quality.

I have learnt quite a few new basics, particularly ones which include a half step - something I never used to train in but I am glad I picked this up!!! Also, Sensei has helped me with my Ushiro Geri - it's coming along nicely since he told me to step in to the reverse position with my standing leg. Rather than twist my foot on the spot whilst doing the kick. Obviously a good opponent would spot this but, it makes me feel good doing an ushiro geri - feels much better (& looks it too).

Musashi book

Finished it.

It was a very good read. It gave a very good insight in to the possible life and culture of a samurai.

However, I really liked it because it talked about Takuan as well. Takuan is the Zen Master who wrote the letters in the book "The Unfettered Mind" (I think - my mind is a bit fettered).