Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New Dojo

On Monday September 21st 2009, I opened my own dojo club at Cold Harbour school. This is an amazing milestone in my karate journey.

To be honest with you, my main motivation for opening the club was to be able to raise enough money to fund my own training. I'm living on a tight budget and I could not justify spending money on my training when there are other priorities to take care of within a family of 6!

However, something unexpected happened. After the first night at my club, I was absolutely buzzing. I never expected to get such a feeling of happiness and excitement. It was totally unexpected - but, a major bonus. I have had this buzz after every single lesson. When I told my own Sensei about it, he smiled and was really happy for me. I could tell he still gets the buzz himself.

I often feel really happy after a good hard training session. I feel better for having gone. Refreshed. But, the feeling of running your own club - well, it's just something else!!!

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