Tuesday, 5 January 2010

First club grading

Just before Christmas, December 13th 2009 to be precise, 11 of my students went for their first grading and they all passed. A few days before that grading, I caught myself feeling nervous for them when I was thinking about their grading. You really find yourself getting emotionally attached to the students.

Last night we started back at the Cold Harbour Karate Club after the Christmas break and it was open for 2 hours (before then it was only open for 1 hour). Another milestone in the history of the club reached. I was very pleased that almost all of the students turned up to train for the full 2 hours. That additional time really helps because I feel I have more time to go in to more depth with the students on subjects like "kime".

I have been doing my own training over Christmas. I have got back in to jogging and sit ups/press ups. Also a bit of kihon training. My training has been on and off quite a bit for the past 2 months. Now is the time to focus on a tighter training schedule and get myself fit for the February tournament.

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