Saturday, 11 July 2009

We went to the Loughton school dojo today and it was fantastic.

It was a traditional lesson, just like the ones when I was a low-mid kyu grade. We did basics in the first hour and all the Heian katas except Heian Sandan. I was sweating cobs by the end of that first hour. During the break I ran through a few bits of Nijushiho that I am trying to perfect (the kicks mostly). In the second hour we went through Heian Sandan in detail. Including the japanese for all the moves and stances. Also bunkai for most of the moves. We ended on some techniques to improve everyone's Miki-Zuki Geri.

I really enjoyed the lesson. It is at just the right level for my recovery period.

My boy did well and he said it was "alright". However, I know that karate will help him so I'm not going to let him give up on this. In years to come he will be grateful for this training.

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