Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The training session at the dojo was good yesterday. Did quite a lot of instructing though as we were getting the students ready for the tournament this Sunday. Was able to run through Nijushiho in my Gi for a change :-) Much nicer doing a kata in ones Gi but, most of my practice is in joggers & t-shirt. Did some sit ups, press ups & leg raises after the dojo.

Cycled in to work today. Did run-karate-run at lunchtime. Very good today. Felt like I had a lot more energy. 1st run completed OK. Ran through 6 katas (Meikyo, Kanku-sho, Bassai-sho, Tekki Nidan & Nijushiho (twice)). The final kata was Nijushiho and I was determined to do it full power full strength. I find this difficult to do outside of the dojo, without my Gi. But I had a very good stab at it and it felt good. The 2nd run was OK. Managed to get to the 2nd bridge before the running broke down. Then it was stop/start all the way back. However, given my current condition and everything, I think this is good progress. Just hope I have enough energy to cycle home.

I took delivery of a new back tyre for my bike today. It needs changing as it is threadbare, so I thought I would buy a more expensive one that should protect against punctures. Looking forward to putting this on before I cycle home. I'm very excited about it!!!! :-)

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