Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cycled to work & home yesterday (ordered a new back tyre for my bike - going for an expensive one (£28) to reduce the risk of punctures). Went for a run-karate-run yesterday. I ran all the way there; did Nujishiho, Bassai Dai, Nijushiho; ran back (walked quite a bit though).

I have re-energised my diet. I re-read the whole of the Beck Diet book on Sunday & made notes. I think I can manage to stick to 3 meals per day without snacking. Yesterday I did this but had 2 extra biscuits (peer pressure - didn't want to offend my mate - a fake excuse!).

Going to the dojo tonight but, only for 1 hour because my sons football coach wants to speak to me and him after his training tonight. My sons football training takes place at the same school that I do my karate at. i wasn't able to cycle in today because a) my tyre is bald & threadbare, b) I had a doctor's appointment to have some blood taken, c) need to go to bank, d) need to take my sons phone to car phone warehouse to be un-blocked. :-O

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