Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Run + Karate + Run
Run - good, didn't stop, added some determination to make it.
Karate - 5 x Kihon (not enough & didn't put enough spirit into each move); Heian Nidan; Nijushiho.
Run - poor, lots of walking.

On the run back I had mixed feelings. My knee was hurting from a slip in the karate training; I was telling myself I wasn't yet fit enough to get all the way back; I was not as determined to run all the way back as I was to run all the way out; etc... Lots of sabotaging thoughts. So, I set myself mini goals & tried to exceed them. E.g. "Just keep going until the next lamp-post" and when I got to the next lamp-post I asked myself if I could just keep going until the "next lamp-post"?

Using this technique I was able to push myself more and do more running on the way back.

I remember being told at a Karate club I visited in Basel, Switzerland, that the meaning of training is to "do as much as you think you can do - and then do just a little bit more."

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