Thursday, 21 January 2010


Run, Karate, Run.

1st run went very well. No problem jogging out to the open air dojo.
Karate - Heian Sandan 3 times over. The first run through I was not properly engaged. It was just like doing Aerobics. The second run through had more spirit felt better but, the spirit was not in my hara. The third run through was spot on. My fighting spirit was generated from my hara. The kata felt really good. Then, I went through my tokui kata and that felt good too.
2nd run back was full of stops & starts. :-(

I was pleased with the training, particularly as the kata training went well. I find that training in the open air is not the same as training in a dojo hall but, you have to let that go. You have to ignore those differences, which it is possible to do, if you remember that the training is all about you and your inner self.

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