Friday, 26 June 2009

Had a good session at the dojo on Tuesday. We had a large class and Sensei divided the room up interestingly. Across the short left wall of the dojo, the green belt children lined up. About 8. Opposite them, across the short right wall, the adults lines up. Also about 8 students. Across the back of the dojo, the remainder of the students (white - yellow) lined up. Then to practice basics, each line took it in turn to do 5 techniques forward & back. It worked very effectively. Every student could see Sensei demonstrating - an issue you sometimes have with multiple lines. Also, the 2 side ends had the longer length of the dojo to go up & down. That's one for the back pocket me thinks.

I went for my old work run-karate-run routine. I run about 1 mile to a nice quiet area next to the Caldecotte lake. I practice my tokui kata, Nijushiho. Then run back. The running wasn't so good (some walking) but, that's to be expected of me coming back after my illness. So long as I'm out there and doing something then my body will be getting fitter and moving forward towards my goal. I can't push myself like I had to for my Shodan because of the Warfarin. My goal is to gradually get back to doing this work-out without walking.

I'm about to go for a run now. I would like to do my run-karate-run routine but there has been a heavy rainfall. The place where I practice kata is on grass so it will be too slippery and muddy. I think I'll just go for a jog around the south lake (~2.5 miles) instead. Bye for now...

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