Monday, 8 June 2009

My simple exercises are going OK. Up to 100 situps and 3x20 press ups in an evening. I can feel my upper body taking shape.

My biggest fight however, has always been my fat belly! Even when I went for my Shodan my belly stuck out. I was fit. I was very fit. I could run for 5 miles. It's just that my body was fit enough to carry the weight around with me. I can only lose weight (around my middle) when I get my diet under control.

This is the training I must now pursue - controlling my diet.

The restaurant at work is doing a great Salad bar for £1 a bowl. It seems to be working for me. I've been eating salads at lunch time and I've not craved chocolate in the afternoon anymore. My weight is just under 15 stone, and dropping ever so slightly.

I need a bit more discipline now.

1, Weigh once per week only.
2, Find a good weekend lunchtime meal/routine.
3, Stick to toast for breakfast (not Shreddies!).
4, Keep up the walking and gentle exercise.

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