Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I have been doing more training at home. Managed a 1.5 mile run yesterday, followed by some kata practice. I have been practicing my kekomi kick - as that really needs some work!

I watched Keith Geyer's Kumite DVD yesterday and there are some plyometric exercises in that DVD that I need to incorporate into my work out. Specifically, squatting down, come up & mae-geri, repeat other leg - keep going for as many as you can do! :-)

Situps & press-ups going well.

I will be going to the dojo at Caroline Haslett Primary School tonight. I am really looking forward to that. Last week when I went to the dojo, I found myself entranced by the sound of my Gi trousers rustling as I put them on. It really made me stop and smile. It was sooooo good to hear that sound again!!! :-)

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